Sunday, June 24, 2018

World Cup Wins; Week Six

I've just finished up my sixth week and it seems like everything is just flying by. This week I was tasked with more of the same work I've been doing in the past weeks. This includes market research, website fixes, and other little jobs that need to be completed.

Aside from the regular tasks I was given this week, I was also able to attend a committee meeting for the World Traders, which Michael is master of this year. This meeting was a sub-committee that dealt with allocating funds for charitable & educational experiences. The meeting took place at the Guildhall which is a classic English building with more than 800 years of history. During the meeting, there were debates as to whether or not funds should go to various applicants and their projects. I had no personal opinion on the applicants since I hadn't read over the applications like the committee members had before-hand, but I still enjoyed observing the style of civil debate and hearing their reasoning. You can see a picture of the Guildhall courtyard below.

On Sunday England played in their second world cup match, this one being against Panama. After a late winner against Tunisia in their first one, the team needed a convincing win in order to carry their momentum and confidence into their last match which will be against Belgium.

Both of my cousins are back from university for the weekend. One just graduated from Cambridge, and the other has just finished up his first year at Oxford. They hosted a small viewing party with some of their friends, complete with food and drink of course. England played an excellent match and ended up winning 6-1. It's been incredible being in the UK, and London specifically for the World Cup. Everyone is always watching the football while its on and the passion for the game here is incredible. I have a bit more going on next week than I did this week, so I'll have more to write about. Until then, enjoy this picture of my cousin with his subtle England attire for the match. 

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